Best South African dinner recipes to spice up your weeknight meals

Growing up in South African has made me fall in love with spices from a very young age. The dishes we used to have all had a common trait – they were full of flavor, rich and spicy and incredibly satisfying.

Today I want to share with you all of our favorite South African dinner recipes. From the best South African chicken curry to a South African mutton curry recipe and delicious peri peri chicken, these easy dishes will have all of your spice cravings covered.

Traditional South African food recipes you will fall in love with

1. South African Bobotie

This traditional South African food recipes is similar to a baked meatloaf except it’s much spicier. You will love how easy and quick it is to make and served with some yellow rice, it will make a nice and filling dinner for the whole family to enjoy.

Source: Teach Me Mommy


2. Bunny Chow

A South African bunny chow was first developed by Indian laborers who used to take this delicious meal to work and used the hollowed out bread loaf as a bowl which you could later consume.

It’s one of those meals that’s not the most figure friendly since you’re essentially eating a half of a loaf of bread but it’s a great treat to occasionally enjoy as a dinner or a lunch.


Source: The Purple Pumpkin Blog


3. South African Mutton Curry Recipe

The Durban mutton curry is one of the best South African Indian food recipes that is full of flavor and tastes great with some rice or roti bread.

It was a tradition in our home to cook up a big pot of mutton curry on a Sunday and enjoy it all week long for lunches and dinners. This is one of those dishes that tastes better on the second and third day after making it.

Source: Easy Cooking


4. Geelrys Yellow Rice

Yellow rice makes the perfect accompaniment to any South African dinner recipes. It can be served with curries, fish, meat, chicken and so much more! Make a big batch of this flavorful geelrys rice and enjoy it with all of your favorite dishes!

Source: Greedy Gourmet


5. South African Lamb Chops Chutney

This lamb chops chutney recipe is spicy, satisfying and so delicious that it will have you going back for seconds. You need to try this quick and easy lamb loin chop dinner idea for a simple weeknight dinner your whole family will fall in love with!

Source: Ohclary


6. Pickled Fish With Lime

Pickled fish is a traditional South African food dishes for Easter but it also makes a great weeknight dinner that can be served cold with some fresh bread or boiled potatoes.

Source: Habergazeten


7. Ground Beef Curry

The curry is one of the favorite food of South Africa and for a good reason – it’s flavorful, easy to make and once you but all of the needed spices, it’s relatively cheap to make.

This ground beef curry aka minced curry recipe is full of aromatic flavors and is a great weeknight dinner idea.

Source: African Bites


8. South African Chicken Curry Recipe

If you’re looking for easy South African dishes, you can’t look past this Durban chicken curry recipe. This hot and spicy curry is full of aromatic flavors that will make you break into a sweat and will make you crave for more.

Source: Melissa Mayo


9. South African Vegetable Relish – Chakalaka

Chakalaka is a traditional South African vegetable relish that tastes amazing served with bread, stews, meat and more. It is also a great accompaniment for braais and so full of flavor it will turn even the most boring dish into a masterpiece.

Source: Recipes From A Pantry


10. Cape Malay Chicken And Vegetable Curry

One of the best South African chicken curry recipes that’s originated from Cape Town. This chicken and vegetable curry recipe can be made in under an hour and tastes great served with rice or in a roti.

Source: Foodal


11. South African Curry and Rice

If you’re looking for a curry that’s full of flavor but not so spicy, you need to give this mince curry and basmati rice combo a try.

Source: Aninas Recipes


12. Oven Baked Peri Peri Chicken

And lastly, the most delicious marinated chicken that tastes just like Nando’s. This South African/Portuguese dish is spicy and juicy on the inside and crispy and golden brown on the outside. It is one of the favorite South African dinner recipes in our home.

Source: Sprinkles and Sprouts


There you have it, 12 incredible traditional South African food dishes to enjoy as weeknight or weekend dinners. Hope you loved this list of easy South African dishes and will be trying some of these out for your next dinner party.

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This lamb chops chutney recipe is spicy, satisfying and so delicious that it will have you going back for seconds. Try this easy crowd-pleasing South African dinner recipe today and you won’t be disappointed!

If you’re on a lookout for a quick South African dinner recipe, you can’t look past this classic lamb chops chutney.

This dish is a big favorite in our home and we make it at least once a week every single week.

It’s great for also using up any leftover chops you may have from a weekend braai. If you are using already cooked chops, you can whip up this delicious Durban chops chutney in less than 15 minutes, making it the perfect weeknight dinner.

Our favorite cut to use in this dish is lamb loin chops, but you can also get away with using lamb forequarter chops.




For marinating the chops: