Chase Young on his landing spot: “It’s in God’s hands”

Urban Meyer recently said that God put together Chase Young to be one of the best defensive ends to ever play football. Young is now willing to let God finish the job.

During a recent visit with #PFTPM, Young was asked to provide a percentage chance that he’ll be the first, not the second, overall pick in the draft.

“I have probably thought about every situation that can happen,” Young replied, “but I feel like at the end of the day it is not in our hands it is in God’s hands, so that is what I think about that. So I’m just going to sit back and not even worry about who might draft me and just let everything happen on its own. I’m not going to sit here and keep worrying or keep thinking this or keep thinking that, so I’m just going to let everything happen, and whatever God’s plan is that is going to work for me.”

It’s believed that quarterback Joe Burrow will go first and that Young will be the second pick, presumably to Washington. That hasn’t stopped former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer from suggesting that his former team should take Young and pair him up with Andy Dalton.

Whether it’s Burrow or Young, it’s hard to imagine the Bengals going wrong with their pick. Both seem destined to become very good if not great NFL players.