Rams will be the seventh team to change their uniforms in 2020

The Nikefication of the NFL is nearly complete.

Whenever the Rams unveil their new uniforms (and it’s unclear when that will happen), they will become the seventh team to change their look for 2020. Seven teams. Seven.

The Buccaneers. The Falcons. The Colts. The Browns. The Patriots. The Chargers. And the Rams.

In contrast, only five teams hired new coaches in 2020.

Since Nike assumed from Reebok the apparel contract in 2012, plenty of teams have changed their uniforms. Some (like the Browns, Jaguars, and Buccaneers) have changed their uniforms twice.

A separate problem has arisen this year. Teams have stopped giving significant advance notice that a change is coming, a precedent that will require anyone who buys a jersey in any given year to assume the risk that the jersey will be made obsolete within the next 12 months — but that will protect teams from the inevitable decline in jersey sales during the months preceding the unveiling of new uniforms.

So who will be next? With nearly a fourth of the league changing their look this year, it’s impossible to rule out anyone for 2021. Other than the seven teams that just changed their uniforms for 2020.